Oil Spill Dispersants

FSRS are the major stockists of Radiagreen oil spill dispersant in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE.


At FSRS, we utilize oil spill dispersants to mitigate the environmental impact of oil spill incidents effectively. Our approach is grounded in enhancing biodegradation, reducing the amount of oil that reaches shorelines, and protecting marine life. We use Radiagreen and Eflochem, both approved by the Regional Organization for Protection of the Marine Environment.

Specifically, Radiagreen is a concentrated blend of natural surfactants and solvents. Surfactants decrease tension between oil and water, which speeds up physical and bacterial degradation. Eflochem is a product based on glycols and 2-butoxyethanol. It converts the oil slick into small droplets which are rapidly distributed within the sea due to natural water movement. This method is particularly beneficial in rough weather conditions where mechanical recovery is challenging.

By strategically deploying dispersants, FSRS ensures the protection of sensitive ecosystems and the swift containment of oil spills, prioritizing both environmental and operational efficiency.
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