Sorbent & Spill Kits

FSRS have a full range of sorbents and spill kits made from polypropylene & cellulose. Suitable for oil, chemical or universal purposes, with various absorption capabilities.


At FSRS, we believe that sorbents and spill kits are essential tools for maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. These products are crucial for protecting the health and safety of personnel by allowing for immediate spill response and containment, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and exposure to hazardous substances. They also play a vital role in preventing environmental contamination, safeguarding soil, groundwater, and waterways from harmful chemicals. By reducing cleanup costs and minimizing operational downtime, sorbents and spill kits contribute to cost-effective and smooth-running operations.

Additionally, they ensure compliance with environmental regulations, helping companies avoid fines and penalties. Our comprehensive range of sorbents and spill kits is designed to handle various types of spills, offering solutions that is user-friendly and versatile. By equipping your workplace with our reliable products, you can be prepared for any spill situation, demonstrating a commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and operational efficiency.
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